Client : Vanke Estate

Date : 2014

Dimensions :
L 12 m
D 5 m
H 12 m

Description : "Cross" is an urban sculpture designed by Zhang Zhoujie for Vanke Hongqiao Center. The entire work starts from three basic points, and leads to four parabola, entwined and interlinked, as if an overpass surrounding the sky. The diamond like mirror polished stainless steel triangulations circle up along the curve and forms into a bond. All sculptures were digitally generated and laser cut; they were then welded using Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab’s unique construction method, which optimizes and calculates the extremely complex forms with advanced computer programming. This marks an important juncture for digital technology in public art. By night, with the changes in ambient light, the sculpture appears more dazzling and full of dynamic tension. It is perfectly in keeping with the characteristics of Vanke Hongqiao Center.