Digital Mannequin

Client : Lane Crawford

Date : June 2014

Dimensions :
L 0.5 m
D 0.5 m
H 1.6 m

Description : In 2014, Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab created 25 mannequins for luxury goods fashion retailer Lane Crawford, and exhibited them in its Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong stores. It was the lab's first fashion cross-border project. The female mannequin is not only a major part of fashion, but also a kind of design based on the female form that has inspired many fashion designers. Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab takes this as the source of inspiration for digital creation. "The human body" is a part of nature and is an example of a quintessential model of digital simulation; this project deepens the expressiveness of the human body and the possibility of transitioning digital to reality. The 25 digital mannequins were presented in five forms, including as framed, structured, mirror polished, matt finish and black framed. The metal finish was full of impact and contrasted with the traditional feminine image of a retail mannequin. It is a metaphor for a whole new free fashion perspective.