Tweening Birds

Client : Shanghai Nanxiang Incity Mega

Date : 2020

Dimensions :
L 6 m
D 4.3 m
H 4.7 m

The device form of ‘Tweening Birds’ is derived from the 'Tween algorithm', which is similar to the 'Tween animation' between two key frames in traditional animation. Tween between Mesh" refers to the interpolation of the coordinates of the vertices between two meshes with the same topology, and then reorganisation to solve for the intermediate morphology between the meshes. Thus, the algorithm is able to naturally generate the intermediate process by setting only the first and last states. This evolution is random but organic, like the ponderous natural dynamical system itself. Ultimately, the moment of take-off is divided into undulating segments, which are created as a continuous three-dimensional 'frame', a complete physical representation of the algorithm's arithmetic power and rhythmic beauty.

The 5.6-metre-high sculpture, in stainless steel, is an assemblage of complex segments with many different curved surfaces, each made up of two different sides: a mirror surface and a frosted surface. The artistic form of the sculpture is dependent on the viewer's perspective, with the layers and three-dimensional structure of the work changing depending on the viewing position. By capturing a static fragment of the depicted art form, the sculpture reveals the explosive power of the whole body of the work, stimulating multiple perceptions in the public space.