DS# Courser

Client : SiHaiCheng Guangzhou

Date : 2021

Dimensions :
L 3.7 m
D 1.6 m
H 7 m

Description :As a public art project created by Zhang Zhoujie's Digital Lab for Sihai city, this seven meter high sculpture stands out in Sihai city’s hilltop park. It is created digitally from the iconic movement of the galloping horse. The 'horse' has a geometric cut-out appearance with programmed light to create the shifting light and shadow.

Zhang Zhoujie believes that 'there are rules to create ’,meaning that what is created is bound by the rules of nature and out of our grasp. In Zhuangzi – On the Equality of Things, it is said that 'there is the beginning and the beginning of the beginning.” The Tao itself is unspeakable, existing without boundaries or frontiers. Just like this sculptural work generated randomly by algorithms, we can never predict and calculate its infinite possibilities.