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Description :Based on a computer language called radial radiation, this sculpture is a digital graphic. Using concise logic, the computer freely interprets the digital graphics of radial radiation. The creator freezes a part and statically precipitates the dynamics in the sculpture. Viewing the sculpture from different perspectives gives viewers various feelings. When viewed from the front, the central point of radial radiation diffuses outwards from a tight spiral and the edges form an interwoven web, like a vortex with ever-changing boundaries. The underside of the sculpture tightens slightly inwards to fulfil the requirement of load-bearing - but the gravity of the sculpture is visually blurred because the central point of radial radiation is facing the viewer. With two-dimensional planes and three-dimensional structures, the work creates a rich experience for the viewer from multiple perspectives.

This device is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. It is modern and can be retained long-term. Zhang Zhoujie combines industrial methods with manual assembly so as to make each piece unique, while continuously exploring the possibilities of modern digital manufacturing technology. Due to the large scale and structural complexity, there are certain new challenges in the process, from how to achieve internal radial radiation by industrial means, to the load-bearing control of the device. This work can be regarded as the outcome of digital computing power carried out with human intelligence.