Client : W Shanghai-The Bund

Date : 2019

Dimensions :
L 2.6 m
D 0.4 m
H 1.8 m

Description :
This digital lighting installation is made using “multi-dimensional” structures. Normally, the human visual system transmits two-dimensional information, however, with this installation no matter how it is viewed – from the front, from the side, or elevated at bird’s-eye view – it provides three-dimensional or even multi-dimensional visual experiences. Moreover, Zhang Zhoujie breaks the close structure of traditional objects; he breaks the boundary between inside and outside: outside is inside, inside is outside. People cannot identify what is the “outside” and “inside”; on the whole, the W character is distinct and powerful. Zhang Zhoujie computer generated this special structure, and combined with programmed LEDs enriched the layers of the multi-dimensional form, making it more stereoscopic and stunning but not exaggerated. Interestingly, everyone can form their own understanding of the work; it is a W, it is also a metal stretch Origami construction. It also captures changeable dimensions as in the film Inception; what is seen is all determined by the individual viewer.

With the development of intelligent technology, the younger generation, the future of human civilisation in fact, could become more “multi-dimensional”, more diverse, coexist and be harmonious. This art installation’s multi-dimensional design implies this trajectory of development; just like the founding of the W Hotel, it has inaugurated trends. Every W Hotel is a hub of urban youth culture, it is multi-dimensional and inclusive. Furthermore, communication via social media limits people’s senses within two-dimensional visuals; many Instagram famous hotels neglect real people’s feelings. W Hotel, as the leading hotel in the hospitality industry, explores gorgeous visuals, open spaces and the essential five senses of the human experience. This installation’s structure and lighting effects intermingle, integrate and replenish with each other: it is the embodiment of the W attitude.