DS# Clouds

Client : SiHaiCheng Guangzhou

Date : 2021

Dimensions :
L 14.2 m
D 13.5 m
H 8.2 m

Digital sculpture is a new form of computer-generated creation. Unlike traditional sculpture, digital sculpture does not rely on the 'human' as the subject of creation, but on the computer to create the work.

This 'new language' creates a new form of art that presents the aesthetics of digital technology itself, with a purely logical, digital and complex quality that is impossible to find in traditional sculpture.

The Sihai is inspired by storms, with the artist's computer simulation of the formation of natural storms organically generating the basic shape of the work. In terms of form, this is the largest piece of work the laboratory has ever created, with a total of 1920 pieces of 'curved stainless steel'. The radians and curves are combinations of 'developable surface' technology and computer modelling language, which is an experiment in the lab's new approach to expression.