Mesh Track

Client : Lost & Found Museum

Date : 2018

Dimensions :
L 25 m
D 0.28 m
H 0.28 m

Description :
If you are caught drink driving, you would be forced to give up many professional dreams such as being a pilot, doctor, military officer, lawyer etc. It would be difficult to go abroad no matter whether for travelling or study; you would be forced to slow the pace at which you could explore the world. You would lose money and freedom; the possibility of chasing your dreams would be restricted.

In the Lost & Found Museum, the artist Zhang Zhoujie customized the installation "Psychedelic Tracks" for his exhibition. He used digital programming and 3D printing - two distinct artistic languages - to tell a story about a faulty tire track from a car used by someone who has been drink-driving. It has been frozen in the archive room, surrounded by suspended "lost property". It symbolizes the opportunity that could possibly be lost due to drink-driving.

The beauty of this installation lies in its shadow; only from here can the audience understand that the hanging device is a metaphorical rut. Zhang Zhoujie said the trajectory shows a variety of turns and collisions, all of which demonstrate "brokeness": broken cars, broken hearts and broken lives. Those carefully installed in the flower rack are honor, work, music, travel, all things that would be lost in a car accident. These are what you could have or are having now, the things you should cherish.

As a result, Zhang Zhoujie admits that he still wants the work to embody the tone of romance rather than sadness. It’s a kind of romance in the midst of surrealism; it’s complex and fascinating because of the unknown gains and losses from the car crash. Located in Jing'an Park, Lost&Found Museum is built by ModernArt, a subsidiary of Budweiser China’s Harbin brewery and a modern communications group. It’s open today and is waiting for people to come and collect the “lost” pieces. All the works are created by artists, representing the beauty that young people may lose due to drink-driving.

Anotherview, Chen Hanbin, Clickclick, Cui Yimeng, Li Zenghui, Liu Shuang, Liu Yaxuan, Mountain River Jump! (Yellow Mountain and Yellow River), Sun Yibing, Zhang Ruyi, Zhang Zhoujie; all 10 artists use installations, sculpture, photography, video, sound art, multimedia immersion art, live performances and other unique artistic languages to talk about the ramifications and the possibility of loss that young people may experience due to drink driving.

Although the organizers formulated the topic "No drink driving, enjoy happy hour" for the artists, Zhang Zhoujie affirmed: “Although it is a propositional composition, the intention of this exhibition is positive. The benefit to Shanghai as a city is that it expresses serious issues in a fun, elegant and artistic way.”

The whole exhibition chose to express the topic in an immersive way. This lively form meant people were pleasantly surprised even though the original theme "drink driving" is a serious subject. The exhibition found a balance between traffic policy, alcohol and artistic expression; different rooms have a variety of temperaments affected by the work from different artists, as well as changes in the degree of light and shadow. The Lost&Found Museum is like a carnival in a theatre with both artistic revelry and the participation of the public. During the preparation and even on the eve of the official opening day, you can see nearby residents "accidentally" visit - in fact, this is also an "incidental" element of the exhibition itself.