Beautiful Algorithm

Client : Shanghai

Date : 2021

Dimensions :
L 0.7 m
D 0.4 m
H 16.2 m

The most important attribute of this digital installation is that it serves as a window to the 'Beautiful Algorithm'. Zhang Zhoujie invited digital visual artist Wen Ziyang to create the content of the screen for this installation. The content presented on the screen is not only created by the artist, but the artist places the algorithm in the program, which serves as a command to produce the pattern. The final visualisation is presented to the viewer on the street corner of Chifeng Road. The work contains several different algorithmic presentation modes, such as using the 'Fast Fourier Transform' algorithm to visualise the sound data, showing the amplitude of different frequencies. There are also algorithms such as 'Noise Particle Swarm Patterns', 'Wave-like Patterns' and 'Subdivision Pattern Patterns'. Some algorithms (e.g. the "Berlin Noise" algorithm pattern) have a random but continuous overall motion trend. There are numerous applications in terrain and cloud generation simulation. Many figurative objects such as vegetation, buildings etc. can also be generated with a reasonable mapping.

The localization of Chifeng Road was also one of Zhang Zhoujie's inspirations. The work is located at the intersection of Chifeng Road (next to Tongji University) and opposite the 'Tongji Academy'. In such a bookish atmosphere, Zhang Zhoujie chose the most minimalist form for the installation: a long-standing pillar, which is also the embodiment of the number '1'. As the saying goes, 'Everything comes from one, and everything goes back to one'. This is an expression of the artist's philosophy, which is to present the work in a simple and pure way, thereby drawing attention to the content and meaning of the work itself, as well as the nature and humanity it reflects, rather than focusing only on the form of the work.