Digital Wave

Client : Greentown China

Date : 2019

Dimensions :
L 19 m
D 6 m
H 1.6 m

Description :

Inspired by the geographical location of the southern bank of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, and the development of the Wu-Yue culture through the flow of the water, Zhang Zhoujie's Digital Lab’s sculpture work ‘Digital Wave’ is based on the element of "water".

The 19-meter-long sculpture "Digital Wave ", placed on more than 700 square meter water scenery, is a new attempt to Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab. Taking advantage of digital design, the curve was formed by a four-layer semi-hollow structure composed of 2550 twisted stainless steel strips, constantly folding and reflecting the sunlight into the multidimensional results under the water surface to present the speed and tension of ‘water’.