Client : Asian Games Athletes’ Village

Date : 2019

Dimensions :
L 64 m
D 6.3 m
H 10 m

Description :
"#MS-16" is a breakthrough from "#MS-14" and "MS-15", which have gained a lot of public attentions. For Lab, it is a further exploration in terms of the creative language of digital art and a milestone in the series.

It combines four groups of sinuous knotted structures in one, and its sheets are twisted longitudinally instead of horizontally, so that they are not directly welded to each other, which is a very high design requirement for a steel structure.

The Lab is constantly exploring the limits of computer creativity. In the process of creating iterations, '#MS-16' has once again set a new record. It uses six linear strips of light and 10 programmed lighting effects to emphasize the speed and rhythm of light.