Mesh Motion #03

Client : Shanghai Nanxiang Incity Mega

Date : 2020
L 13 m
D 7 m
H 9 m

Through this work, artist Zhang Zhoujie hopes to evoke a sense of nature, make the viewer rethink the relationship between human and nature, and evoke memories of cranes. This wing-shaped mechanical interactive sculpture has been in progress for over two years. Based on its local nature, Zhang Zhoujie has initiated a new form of art experimentation and interaction with modern technology by fully integrating the form and meaning of the crane with the mechanical principles of the installation. The artist's poetic perception and discovery of nature is embodied in the work through a computer algorithm, a medium that represents technology and the future.

Zhang Zhoujie wants to recreate the dynamic natural state of flying cranes in the sky, so this wing-shaped mechanical dynamic installation features an unprecedented scale of wing spread and computer control that echoes the dynamic principles of the changing natural environment, with a wingspan of 13 meters, framing the world's largest flying dynamic digital installation to date.

The Lab has invited the country's top steel designers to deeply study the mechanical dynamics, and many multidisciplinary and teams such as French lighting artists, lighting engineers and electronic engineers are participated in the creation of the work. The work will thus become a new benchmark for dynamic art that combines mechanical dynamics with digital programming.