DS# Joywalk

Client : SiHaiCheng Guangzhou

Date : 2021

Dimensions :
L 30.8 m
D 10 m
H 5.3 m

Description :
“Joywalk” is the first public project work of Zhang Zhoujie's Digital Laboratory that does not insert into the space environment in the form of public sculpture, or as a perception and space experience device presented in the form of “quasi-architectural installation”. The work is a collection of tremendously sophisticated and curved surfaces that generated based on the computational “Mesh” language. Each curved surface is composed of two sides,mirror and matte. Zhang Zhoujie invited Clément HIMBERT (Clément HIMBERT), a French audio-optical interaction designer, to create lighting and music for the work, and to interact with the surrounding environment (such as architecture, climate, audience, etc.) through the wind measuring mechanism and humidity sensor on the sculpture. When the interaction occurs, the reality and illusion coexist, and its dynamic effect creates an unexpected sense of space.